General objectives

The project aims to contribute to a more inclusive society in Europe by strengthening the capacity and the role of youth organisations that target migrant and refugees, through communications and audiovisual skills training, social networking and mutual learning that connects such organisations at European level and promotes collective advocacy.

Specific objectives

1) To strengthen the institutionalism and visibility of youth organisations targeting migrant and refugees when it comes to their role in enhancing intercultural dialogue for tolerance, mutual understanding and integration

2) To relatedly provide youth organisations targeting migrant and refugees with training opportunities for communications and audio-visual competencies and for public policy advocacy

3) To sensitize civil society on youth migrant and refugee struggles and successes, through audio-visual production, narrative techniques and awareness raising for migrant social inclusion.

4) To reinforce a sustainable EU network of youth organisations committed to migrants and refugees which can serve as a motor for public advocacy at local, nation and EU level