About the Training Series

Our training series features a comprehensive approach, consisting of three specialised courses, each carefully designed to meet the specific needs of different roles within youth organisations. Participants will benefit from an engaging learning experience that combines online modules with group assignments, followed by immersive two-day training workshops.

Engaging and collaborative workshops

The series consists of three parts, each led by an experienced MYCOMM partner, and adopts a hybrid format combining online and face-to-face learning opportunities for all organisations working directly or indirectly with refugees and migrants. For each part, we offer an introductory online module, followed by a two-day immersive hybrid workshop.

During the workshops, we foster a collaborative learning environment by bringing participants together in small groups. This approach encourages the consolidation of knowledge, the sharing of valuable experiences and the creation of tangible outcomes such as innovative social media strategies and high-impact advertising campaign plans.

Who can participate

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. Our face-to-face participants are selected from the focus groups conducted to ensure that the training is tailored to the specific challenges faced by youth organisations working on migration issues. In addition, pre-registration is open to anyone interested in taking part in the online training, giving a wider audience the opportunity to benefit from our expertise.

The three specialised trainings

Pitești (Romania): “Social networking techniques: migrant and refugee outreach”

The first part of the training series is addressed to communications staff and will be delivered by Group for European Integration. It will focus on social media strategies and techniques. Participants will learn how to optimise the use of social media platforms for greater outreach and dissemination of key messages, promoting inclusivity and understanding. Each youth organisation will be supported to develop a new social media strategy.


Virginia (Ireland): Participative techniques for audiovisual production

Aimed at production staff, this training, led by The Rural Hub, will involve participants in the co-production of thematic handbooks on audiovisual techniques, communication for awareness and entertainment, and participatory television content creation, which will be made available to the public.


Brussels (Belgium ): Public policy, advocacy and organisational sustainability

Aimed at policy-officers, this session will be run by the Young European Federalists and will result in the planning of a local or national advocacy campaign by the participants, including key messages, targets, dissemination channels and indicators.


Beyond the training series

As a highlight of the MYCOMM training series, we are offering a rare opportunity to 20 selected leaders from the youth organisations participating in the training series. These individuals will participate in a one-week internship abroad at one of MYCOMM’s partner organisations. This unique experience will allow them to shadow staff and gain valuable knowledge in public policy, advocacy, communications and audio-visual techniques.

In addition, participants in the training series will have the opportunity to participate in the Makethon on advocacy and inclusion of refugees and migrants that we will be holding in Nice (France) in 2024.