APEDV Regarddons APEDV offers up to 4 positions for a 1 week internship at its facilities in Nice, France.


You are (one of more of the followings): youth workers[1] working with working with migrants and asylum seekers, helping migrant families, providing support to child with special needs…

You want to share experiences and best practices with us, find out our day-to-day work with schools, families, and territorial authorities.


Then, we propose you to:

Share a week with us. Share our best practices in communicating with families (migrants, children with special needs), schools, policy makers, territorial authorities for different domains of life such as adapted scholarship, arts, sports, event organization[2] and other activities that improve the life of migrants and other families and children with special needs.

A Certificate of participation will be delivered at the end of the internship.


For instance:

Inclusive events assisted by 170 artists who unleash the creativity potential of kids, including migrants and other children with special needs.

Ecole specialisée du Chateau (Specialised school) Our team of artists provides trainings, workshops about Plastic arts, Theater, music…

[1] Youth worker :  < 30 years old
[2] FESTIVALS : The foundation of our work is the annual inclusive children’s festival REGARDDONS ENSEMBLE. It was started in a small format in 2016 and in 2017 reached more than 1600 people children, 2019 3000 children and 5000 people.
The main aim is to allow everyone to experience the beauty of inclusion. For this purpose we are supporting professionals (selected according to their joyfulness and wish to share) who often have never worked with children with special needs in providing more than 150 workshops.  We bring them children with all conditions, so called “normal” to special needs with conditions so severe that they are permanently hospitalised. By experiencing the joy, skills and capabilities of the children and joining in the laughter a feeling of community is being created. 
Taking on a transdiciplinary approach, REGARDDONS ENSEMBLE shows the potential of all realms to work with special needs children. It supports professionals in the transfer of applying skills beyond their usual target audience and often beyond what they would have thought possible. These new ways of therapies allow children to flourish by unfolding their sensory, cognitive and creative potential.



  • Be a youth worker involved in the field of migration and/or working with asylum seekers/ migrants and refugees.
  • Demonstrate motivation and be actively involved 
  • Be a European Resident
  • Successful participants are required to submit a post-training report for documentation and evaluation.
  • Under certain conditions, your travel and accommodation will be covered by our Erasmus+ budget (A travel expense cap will be applied).
  • You have to apply to take part in the selection process


Who we are

Context: UN special report on the rights of persons with disability inside migrant groups brought to light that the current situation of special needs population arriving or already in France is untenable. Some of the issues and abusive situations migrants face in France include racist attitudes. Not only does their legal status give space to abuse but they are also often being completely isolated as well as excluded from society. Their cognitive, sensory and creative potential is actively suppressed. The exclusion of special need needs population from society is one an additional aspect contributing to the increasing fragmentation of the French society facing migrants. By seeing those people as different the potential of an inclusive society is not lived. 


Our goals are to increase awareness about the situation of population with special needs in migrant organization’s projects and help this population with immediate needs support, health care facility, therapy and workshops. Awareness must be built amongst the different institutions and therapists on the potential of special needs population. For the time being this is achieved through the REGARDDONS ENSEMBLE festival. There the potential of acting and being in an inclusive way can be experienced. With its size and partnerships, it also manages to attract the attention of public sector and policy makers, thus setting ground for a systems change. The organization is doing innovative work in capacity building and potential developing bringing children and youth with all conditions to be fully part and being able to contribute with their exceptional gifts and love to society. 


Our actions:

REGARDDONS interventions are on 4 levels:

   1) awareness raising to the potential of working with special needs children and youth in migrant groups

   2) provision of regular alternative therapy and workshops for children and youth to help them realize their cognitive, sensory and creative potential,

   3) providing highly specialized training to professionals for working with children and youth with special needs

   4) immediate support for families of special need children and youth in need (e.g. legal support).  




Telephone: +33 6 95 22 68 41       
Postal address: École spécialisée du Château, 23 Rue Saint-Joseph, 06300 Nice, France
E-mail: [email protected]