The Rural HUB TRH offers up to 8 positions for a 1 week internship at its facilities in Virginia, Ireland.


To shadow staff and learn about public policy and advocacy, as well as communications and audio-visual tecniques


  • Be a youth worker involved in the field of migration and/or working with asylum seekers/ migrants and refugees.
  • Demonstrate motivation and be actively involved 
  • Be a European Resident
  • Successful participants are required to submit a post-training report for documentation and evaluation.


Who we are

We specialise in the development of innovative educational materials and digital resources. These resources aim to address a wide range of target groups including marginalised adult learners, disadvantaged young people not in employment, educations or training (NEETs), older persons, individuals in vulnerable employment, migrant learners and entrepreneurs engaged in the creative sector, with a specific focus on the rural community.

Through the development of e-learning materials and digital resources, The Rural Hub aims to address the current and future training needs of rural residents. We also strive to address the skills gap in the provision of alternative educational materials, innovative approaches and best practices in training and education programmes.

Through our work, we collaborate with peers across Europe to develop, produce and test a range of online learning materials including video lectures, challenge-based learning resources such as online educational escape rooms and WebQuest challenges, interactive workbooks and other digital learning materials.





Telephone: +353 85 866 3236         
Postal address: Virginia Shopping Centre, Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland
E-mail: [email protected]