MyComm in 3 minutes: learn all about the project

Over the past decade, the situation of migrant integration in the European Union has improved. According to the EU and OECD 2023 Settling In Report, the gap between migrants and natives in terms of employment and educational outcomes has narrowed. However, the perception of the native population has not changed accordingly.

There is a need to better communicate the successes of the integration policies in the EU. And to better communicate the real challenges that migrants and refugees still face: a poverty rate almost 12% higher than the native population, an employment rate 6% lower than the native population, or a membership rate in voluntary organizations about 11% lower than the native population.

This is why the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ program, funds projects such as MyComm, which aims to strengthen the communication capacities of youth organizations working for the integration of migrants and refugees.

Watch the video below to get to know the importance of the project and its goals and objectives.