The MyComm Makeathon: a successful creative communications workshop

The MyComm project held a creative “Makeathon” on June 13, 14 and 15. All consortium partners gathered in Nice, France for a workshop on creative communication solutions.

Youth organizations together with migrants and refugees from all over Europe came together to create 3 videos on integration of migrants and refugees. These three videos, produced by 3 different groups, focus on key issues related to inclusion and raise awareness among migrant and refugee youth about social and economic challenges and vulnerabilities.

Breaking Barriers

The first video is led by JEF and OBREAL, and aims to explore the resilience and contributions of migrant and refugee youth, emphasising the importance of unity in diversity and equal access to opportunities.

The group chose to produce the video using the “stop motion” technique, which consists of a series of still images. This means that the animation is created one photo at a time, trying to look like movement through the sequence of these photos. The participants of the Makeathon learned and applied this technique to create the video.

The final video will show the importance of youth associations for the integration of migrants and refugees into European society.

Voices Unheard

The second group, led by VYRE, GIE and CARDET, was tasked with brainstorming and developing a video that explains the discrimination and stigmatization experienced by refugee and migrant communities by amplifying their voices and advocating for justice and social cohesion.

Makeathon participants learned how to record voiceovers and images. With this material, they produced a powerful video highlighting the experiences of migrants and/or refugees.

Pathways to inclusion

The third group, led by KOKEN, The Rural Hub and APDV, aimed to produce a video that explores pathways to economic empowerment and sustainable integration, showcasing success stories and advocating for inclusive policies.

Participants in this group learned filming techniques and put them into practice by conducting several interviews with migrants who participated in the Makeathon and explained their experiences.